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“Always in motion, the future is.”

-Master Yoda

  • “The Story of the Perfectionist Poet”

    In eighth grade I was assigned to write a poem, which at face value seemed simple. However, in Mrs. Dunbar’s English class I remember the desire I had to push myself (during a time in my academic career wherein I rarely did so), knowing that I was already a proficient writer and confident in my…

  • “Challenges Accepted”

    So far ENG-1103 has been one of the more unique English classes that I have had the chance to take throughout my educational career. I entered ENG-1103 with apprehension, carrying with me the prenotion that the curriculum of the class would mainly require me to constantly pump out papers (and projects), while completing any assigned…

  • “Out with the Old?”(Revised Analytical Essay)

    Through the opinions of those interviewed and observed, Matt Richtel’s article does well to highlight the arguments made for using each form of literacy in a manner that doesn’t favor one side too heavily over the other.

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